You no longer need to print ATF Form 1’s and Form 4’s double-sided

I received an email today from a client who had noticed that the latest downloadable versions of both the Form 1 and the Form 4 now have new instructions regarding the printing of the forms.

Prior versions of both forms (including the initial versions released for the implementation of 41F) required that the forms be printed double-sided at the risk of disapproval of the application.

The specific instruction on the old versions of both forms stated:

Photocopies or Computer Generated Versions.   After downloading or copying and printing this form from the ATF website, ensure that the front and back are on the same sheet of paper. The NFA Branch will not approve the application if the front and back are on separate sheets of paper.

The new version specifically disavows this requirement.  The new instruction states:

Photocopies or Computer Generated Versions.  The form may be copied or downloaded (for example, from the ATF website ( The form does not have to be printed front to back.

My guides to completing both forms have been updated accordingly.

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