NFA Trust in 3 Simple Steps

NFA Trust in 3 Simple Steps

I offer a comprehensive NFA Trust instrument customized to your needs for a flat-fee of $100.

The $100 flat fee also gives you access to the following support services free of charge:

  • The addition or removal of trustees and beneficiaries at any time.
  • The addition or removal of assets from your Schedule of Assets at any time.
  • The ability to ask any questions you might have about NFA regulations and have them answered by an attorney who practices in the NFA world daily.

If you are not sure why you might want to use a trust to start your NFA collection, then I hope I can help answer your questions.   Join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have allowed me to help them navigate the NFA trust process.

Click the following link for a detailed discussion of the benefits of using an NFA trust to acquire your NFA items.

If you are already familiar with the benefits of an NFA Trust then click here to submit my questionnaire.

What previous clients are saying

Mr. Pierce provides amazing service and support. I couldn't be happier with the service he has rendered and have complete confidence in the management of legal instruments.

Jory Morrison Avatar Jory Morrison
October 19, 2021

I am a very critical google reviewer. I rarely leave good reviews. Mr Pierce deserves more than five stars ! It was the most pleasant experience that I have ever had with a lawyer. He is more than he promises. A competent knowledgeable lawyer and a true gentleman who makes you feel at ease. A SIX (6) STAR REVIEW for Mr Pierce.

Jonathan Pino Avatar Jonathan Pino
October 19, 2019

Mr. Pierce was extremely professional, polite, and informative. His vast experience in restoration cases is expressed through his processes. This was a step by step route to my restoration of firearm rights, and as Mr Pierce walked me through each step, my confidence grew. On my day in court we were as prepared as we could possibly be, and I was successful, all thanks to John Pierce.

London Lewis Avatar London Lewis
April 30, 2021

John was professional, clear and followed up promptly with questions, phone calls and educated me on the process. I feel like he went above and beyond for a very difficult situation. I highly recommend him for legal needs. Best experience i have ever had with a lawyer.

Brandy Kolenbrander Avatar Brandy Kolenbrander
October 19, 2019

Spoke by phone only. Listened very well and referred us to another attorney who handles such cases as he did not. Very thankful for his referral! Remain well Mr. Pierce!

D. Colbert Avatar D. Colbert
August 30, 2021