About Me

John Pierce - Virginia Gun Rights Attorney

I am a Virginia gun rights attorney whose practice is focused on the unique legal issues surrounding the sale, purchase, possession, transportation, and carry of lawfully-owned firearms.

Services I offer include:

  • Assisting FFLs with compliance issues
  • Drafting NFA trusts
  • Gun rights restoration
  • Creating corporations and LLCs
  • Non-Profit organization formation
  • Criminal defense

I was a vocal advocate for civil rights long before I passed the Bar Exam and became an attorney and I believe that the strength of my beliefs is reflected in how I represent my clients.

I believe that each client deserves the right to be heard and I personally speak with each and every client who calls.

I strive to give every client a fair and honest assessment of their legal scenario.

If I agree to represent you then I will fight for your rights!

If I am unable to help you with a specific issue then I will try and refer you to a fellow attorney who can assist you.

I have an extensive library of articles I have written about various legal topics which can be accessed using the site’s Search feature.