Purchasing multiple handguns in Virginia

In 2020, the Democrat majority in the General Assembly enacted a ‘one handgun a month’ law.  That bill, SB69,  limited the number of handguns that a person could purchase within a 30-day-period to one.

The bill did provide a number of exceptions to this prohibition.  Most gun owners fall within the exception for those that hold a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP).

However, those without a CHP may apply for a waiver by submitting an SP-207 Multiple Handgun Purchase Application.  Make sure to answer all questions completely and honestly.

If you are applying for a waiver, you will complete the form and then have it notarized.  Pursuant to 19VAC30-101-30, “[t]he applicant shall deliver such application in person to (i) State Police Administrative Headquarters, 7700 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia; (ii) a division headquarters or area office of the Department of State Police; or (iii) any local law-enforcement agency certified by the Department of State Police as its agent to receive such applications.

Pursuant to 19VAC30-101-80, once your application is approved “the Department of State Police shall issue or authorize its agent to issue to the applicant a nontransferable certificate authorizing the purchase of a specified number and type of handguns. The nontransferable certificate shall be valid for seven days from the date of issue.”

Make sure you give them correct contact information because the same regulation states that “The Department of State Police or its agent shall make one attempt to contact the applicant to notify the applicant of the issuance or denial of the certificate at a telephone number provided by the applicant at the time of delivery of the application.

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