How do I expedite a Form 20?

UrgentEarlier this week I received a call from a client who had a last-minute opportunity to attend an out-of-state hunting event.  While he was excited about the opportunity, he had a problem.  The gun he wanted to take was an SBR and he did not have a Form 20 for the location where the hunt was taking place.

His question was “Is it possible to expedite my Form 20?

I gave him the quintessential legal answer … “Maybe.

After I spoke with the client, I called my point-of-contact at the NFA Branch and asked what application method would give my client the best chance for a quick approval.  While he would make no guarantees, he verified that the following process would offer the best chance:

  1. Have a good reason to need the Form 20 expedited.  This is not a process to use for all your Form 20s.
  2. Call first and let your examiner know that the expedited request is being faxed.
  3. Fax the completed Form 20 to (304) 616-4501.
  4. Include a cover sheet requesting an ‘Expedited Review’
  5. Include full contact information on the cover sheet including a return fax number.

For those of you who have more time, remember that you can get Form 20s approved for up to a year at a time.  Plan early for scheduled hunting trips and shooting events.

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