eForm 1: Documents needed

In the past, I have attempted to assist clients in filing their eForm 1 applications.  The sheer volume has made it impossible for me to continue offering that as a free service since it can take over half-an-hour per application to receive the scanned documents, review them for any errors, compress them to comply with ATF requirements, and then navigate the eForms system.

Therefore, I offer this service for a flat-fee of $50 per item to cover my time.

Prior to calling me to schedule a time, you will need to do the following:

  1. Email me a Scanned Copy of All 17 Pages of Your Notarized Trust (plus any amendments or non-NFA assignment sheets)
  2. Have Each Responsible Person on the Trust Complete, Print, and Sign a Form 23
  3. Email me a Scanned Copy of the Completed and Signed Form 23(s)
  4. Email me each responsible person’s EFT fingerprint file(s).
  5. Email me a JPG copy of each responsible person’s passport-style photo
  6. If you are building a suppressor, scan and send me a design layout (see below for details)
  7. Call me to schedule a time to do the eForm 1 together

The following instructions go into greater detail about each of these steps.

Email me a Scanned Copy of All 17 Pages of Your Notarized Trust

This will include the 13 pages of the trust, which ends with the notarized signature on page 13, and each of the four schedules that you have signed and dated.

Email me a Scanned Copy of Any Trust Amendments

You may or may not have any amendments.  If I have created any for you then send me a notarized copy of each.

Email me a Scanned Copy of Any Non-NFA Assignment Sheets

You may or may not have an assignment sheet which places non-NFA firearms and accessories into the trust.  If you have one then send me a copy.

Have Each Responsible Person on the Trust Complete a Form 23

Please see these detailed instructions for completing the Form 23.

Providing additional details if you are taking advantage of the arm brace amnesty.

If you are taking advantage of the amnesty period for arm brace equipped pistols then I will need 1) a photo of the pistol, with the arm brace equipped, showing the serial number and other manufacturer marking and 2) a copy of your non-NFA assignment sheet, dated prior to January 31, 2023, demonstrating that the pistol was part of the trust before the publication of the arm brace rule.

Providing design details if you are building a suppressor

In March of 2022, the ATF adopted a strict definition of what constitutes an illegal suppressor that effectively ends the ability to build a suppressor on a Form 1 using any kind of kit or pre-made internal components.

Those that are actually machining their own suppressor will now be required to provide additional information with their Form 1 applications.  The ATF is requesting the following:

  • Pictures of the parts that you will use to make the suppressor (the pictures should be clear and allow the identification of the parts photographed),
  • A description of the processes you will use to assemble or fabricate the suppressor

I suggest that you provide a design document.  I have a sample suppressor design document that you may use or expand upon.

Using this document as a template:

1) Fill in the measurements for OAL, Tube Diameter, and Bore
2) Show the number of baffles you intend to include and the spacing for each chamber
3) Describe the processes you will use to fabricate the suppressor

Once complete, scan in and email me the completed design document.

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