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Green card holders and firearms

“May I purchase a firearm if I have a green card?” Some version of this question shows up in my email almost every week. It is hardly surprising since there is a great deal of confusion concerning green card holders and … Continue reading

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Selling an NFA Item as Executor of an Estate

The vast majority of my clients own their NFA items in an NFA Trust so that they get the dual benefits of sharing the items while they are alive and probate-avoidance when they pass away.  However, I occasionally get a … Continue reading

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eForm 1: Documents needed

eForm 1 is back!  At the beginning of October, 2018 the ATF announced that Form 1’s were once again available for submission via eForms. Turnaround Time Initial applicants astonishingly reported approvals in as little as 15 days!  And while that … Continue reading

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