Understanding the confusing March 1 ATF eForms email

During the last week of February, eForms was down for several days, affecting submissions from FFLs and gun-owners alike.

On Friday March 1, the ATF sent out an email to all eForms users announcing that the eForms system outage was over.

The email they sent was as follows:

Since this email was sent, my phone has been ringing off the hook with customers asking how to file a Form 2 by Monday and why they need to do so.

Is it too much to ask for the ATF to have considered the breadth of the audience they were emailing?  It would have reduced the anxiety of thousands if they would have just added a few clarifying words to the email.  Maybe something like the following:

To summarize … unless you are a licensed importer or manufacturer, the only part of this message that applies to you is the notification that the outage is over.

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