SilencerShop confirms that approvals for trusts the ATF sees frequently are as fast as individual approvals

I had written about this in my previous article, but I think it bears repeating  … the process changes recently made by the ATF and the FBI provide equal benefits to trust and individual applicants, especially when the trust is a ‘standardized’ trust that is seen frequently by the ATF, such as the one I provide to my clients.

In an article posted by SilencerShop that has been making the rounds on the NFA community on Reddit, they confirm these facts.

A few key takeaways from the SilencerShop article:

“Are Trusts Approvals as Fast as Individual? Yes, both trust and individual applications are coming back very fast, we have seen single-day approvals for both types of applications.”

“If you’re looking at the NFA Wait Time Tracker, it will appear that trusts are taking longer than individuals, but this is due to how ATF implemented these changes.”

“While we consistently see trust applications approved in a few days, the average appears higher as all of the older applications are being approved. Trust applications submitted after this process change, around March 15th, 2024, seem to be processing very quickly.”

SilencerShop also discussed a point that I have brought up repeatedly when discussing the issue with my clients.  The NFA Branch is prioritizing ‘standardized’ trusts which are those trusts, such as my own, that they see frequently and do not require research to validate.

They also reiterated that those that have a single responsible person are being processed more quickly since only a single ‘proceed’ is needed to complete the process.

The $100 Virginia trust I provide meets all these requirements and includes lifetime free updates, changes, and questions.  But regardless of which trust you use, do not forego the significant benefits offered by using a trust based upon a mistaken belief that only individual applications are seeing rapid turnaround times.

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